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Of all the things I thought would keep my youthful spark aglow it was the Beano comic. Every Thursday morning, throughout the 80s I would sit, waiting by the front door like an anticipatory gnome, for the spotty, adolescent paper boy to push my weekly mirth mag through the letterbox. Then I would sit down at the kitchen table and read, fervently, from cover to cover whilst shovelling down my chocolate Ready Brek (which never gave me the all over illuminated glow that the advert promised). All was right and good with the world.

The other day, thirty years later, a kindly lady in a charity shop gave my little lad a recent copy of The Beano. I still like a good comic so I was eager to have a read myself. It had been so long; how different was it? Were there still some old remaining characters? Did they still get the slipper as punishment? And where the hell was my Ready Brek?! I began to read. The front cover was still home to a couple of old stalwarts: Dennis the Menace & Gnasher. It felt comforting. But as I read, something perturbed me. Dennis’s dad. He was different. He wasn’t the dad I remember, the balding, moustachioed, patriarchal disciplinarian, no, he was a much younger man, and he looked very much like Dennis (see figure 1). So I researched further. To my utter astonishment I discovered that the father of today’s Dennis the Menace is none other than… The grown-up up Dennis that I used to read way back in the 80s. Oh Beano! You’ve made me feel so damned old!



This S*n Needs to Set

Posted: September 24, 2015 in Newspapers, politics
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A few weeks ago I was in the local chippy, getting myself a nosebag, when I foolishly thumbed through a copy of the S*n newspaper that the owners leave out for customer perusal. I bravely made it to page 2 before I closed it again. On that page was a vitriolic piece regarding individuals that the Labour leadership hopeful, Jeremy Corbyn, may have spoken to or sat next to in the past who turned out to have abhorrent views. The S*n, in its inimitable and bellicose style, then suggested that Corbyn might, by association, be some sort of monstrous anti-Semitic friend of the terrorist (they referred to one individual as a “Jezza fiend”; quality journalism I’m sure you’ll agree).

This cat-litter liner of a newspaper seemed to be suggesting that Corbyn, or any other individual for that matter—but mainly Corbyn—should never be allowed any sort of position of power if they have had or may have had any associations, no matter how minor, with terrible individuals (check out Thatcher’s bosom buddies; General Pinochet and Jimmy Saville).  Well, the picture below shows our current PM, whom the S*n newspaper wholeheartedly supported, bowing, deferentially, like some obsequious schoolboy receiving a swimming medal, in front of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi regime regularly flogs/beheads/stones/mutilates people for crimes such as: adultery, sorcery/witchcraft, blasphemy, apostasy, burglary, free speech, homosexuality and more. They are openly misogynistic and homophobic and, if you do the research, deeply anti-Semitic. How’s that for associating with insidious company.

Cameron Toad