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Been a While!

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It’s been approximately 6 months since I became a full-time stay at home Dad and also 6 months since I last posted a blog. Could the two be connected?

So what occurrences have taken place since I last posted?

Well, I’ve lost a stone in weight, acquired a beard and turned 40! How the hell did that happen? Last thing I knew I was 22 and fresh-faced, then, BANG! I’m middle-aged and hirsute (I could say the beard was an intentional image change but I think it’s more truthful to say I simply haven’t had the time to shave in 6 months). I quite like the beard though, makes me look more like a Dad, so it stays.

The most important occurrence has, of course, been the pleasure of watching Austin, my little Jedi, metamorphose from a little baby boy into a little bigger boy. He turned 1 in June and his progress is thundering forward. He can say a few fundamental words such as “Hello”, “Ma ma” and “Da da”.

He can walk a few stumbly steps before crashing down onto his bottom and loves nothing more than grabbing mine or his Mum’s hands and going for a proper walk round the house. He’s also developed a very mischievous smile which makes it very difficult to be firm with him when he’s doing something he shouldn’t; you can’t help but smile at that impish grin.

On his 1st birthday we organised a humanist baby naming ceremony for friends and family to welcome Austin into the fold. It was a wonderful day and the ceremony was enjoyed by all: Sharon read out extracts from her pregnancy diary, family members got up and read poems, we had a night sky back drop where people could write messages for Austin on the back of silver star cards and stick them to it and I wrote a poem.

I include it here for folk to read if they so wish. It’s not brilliant but it is an accurate sentiment of how it feels to be Austin’s Dad.


My Little Lad

My little lad.

My pride, my joy.

My golden sunbeam.

My baby boy.


To sit with you,

here, side by side.

To clap our hands.

To peek, then hide.


Your laughter rings,

and then resounds,

throughout my heart,

Your joy, abound.


You ask me only

for my time,

a guiding arm,

a trust, sublime.


But there is nought,

I wouldn’t do,

to keep that smile,

to care for you.


To see you safe,

to see you warm,

to hold your hand

amidst the storm.


Through Christmas lights,

and birthday cakes,

seaside days

and tummy aches.


And though our tale

has just begun,

remember this,

my little one.


The future is

not written down,

it has no plan,

our time is now


We spin our yarn

as we whizz by,

so, little one,

It’s time to fly.


From now ’til then

we’ll roam afar,

we’ll sail the seas,

Traverse the stars.


And all the while

It’s me and you,

I’ll help to guide

To see you through


Those battles lost

and battles won,

my little lad,

my world,

my son.

© 2013 John Gallagher


 The Naming of Austin Sagan Gallagher

Pic by Ron Firth Photography